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Professionals Serving Southern Ohio Since 1980 ~

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(logo) Greystone Systems, Inc., Telephones, Security, Burglar Alarms, LAN WAN Networks - Location:  Hillsboro, Ohio, Highland County, Southern Ohio

Greystone Systems, Inc.

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Friendly, courteous, and knowledgeable people who are easy to work with...

Complete telephone telecommunications services, high speed networks...security systems ranging from access control to remote site viewing via cameras  on the internet...

Greystone Systems offers you a professional alternative...
one single point of contact for your electronic systems needs provides you with advantages:

 Telephone, Data, Computer Networks, Communications, Security, Cameras, Access Control

At a glance...  10 solid reasons to choose

     Greystone Systems


Microsoft Certified:  Networks, Data Connectivity
Technically Advanced - Reliable Service

Celebrating over...
Greystone - Over 30 Years of Excellent Service

  • Complete Services:  Full service provider of specialized electronic systems:  lease or sale, installation, service, maintenance, upgrades - one source that stays with you for the long run...

  • Experienced Professionals:  Highly experienced management, staff, and technicians. Educations include degrees in electrical engineering, electronics, business admin., Microsoft certifications, tech. licenses.

  • Efficiency:  Single point of contact for diverse systems simplifies operations with known, reliable, and responsive service, unified billing, and staff and technicians who "know" your operations.

  • Range/Areas Served:  Single/stand alone systems to fully integrated operations with hundreds of customers all across Southern Ohio.  Serving small, medium, and large operations.

  • Customers/Multiple Location:  Single location systems to multi-branch operations for Commercial Enterprises, Banking, Industrial, Government-Municipal, Institutions, Retail, Distribution, Residential.

  • Remote Area Systems:  Equipment and systems available designed to serve remote areas, such as wireless and satellite systems.

  • Turnkey Operations:  Turnkey Wide Area Networks (WANs) and Local Area Networks (LANs), with options for dedicated T-1s, Frame Relays, Special Circuits, or internet-based DSL, ISDN, wireless, etc.

  • Security Systems:  Complete telephone/communication systems, security/fire alarm systems, 24 hour monitoring, holdup systems, camera systems (cctv, film, recording), access control card/entry.

  • ADVANCED U.L./F.M. CERTIFIED 24 HOUR SYSTEM MONITORING:  See the demo and info at Security Systems

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 MEMBER:  Electronic Security Association,
& the Electronic Security Association of Ohio
Electronic Security Assoc MemberElectronic Security Assoc of Ohio Member


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See a VIDEO DEMO of remote security monitoring, 24 hours a day, 365 days a year, with the most incredible reliability - UL and FM Certified

Long distance dives down to a new low rate - free 800 numbers, etc. See what's new in

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Fastest Service to these Ohio areas:  Highland County, Ross, Fayette, Clinton, Brown, Adams, Scioto, Pike, Pickaway, Greene, Warren, Clermont, and cities like Hillsboro, Chillicothe, Washington Court House, Wilmington, Georgetown, West Union, Portsmouth, Waverly, Circleville, Xenia, Lebanon, Batavia, and BEYOND - PLEASE contact us.


Truck fleet photo, Greystone Systems, Inc., Hillsboro, Highland County, Southern Ohio

    Greystone's growing service truck fleet of specially-outfitted and rugged Ford trucks that you'll see traversing Southern Ohio as they serve customers with installation and system service on telephone systems, security systems, and computer networks.


Security systems,  alarm systems, 24 hr. monitoring, security cameras, access control, computer networks

The Sign of Security

Our new security signs and decals for security customers with 24 hour monitoring of alarms and other electronic systems send a clear message:  "Don't even think about it."  Seriously. See our video on monitoring security and fire alarm systems:  Video on Monitoring

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Greystone Location:  Hillsboro, Ohio; Highland County, Southern Ohio
References:  telephone systems, security systems, security cameras,
video surveillance, burglar security alarms,
LAN WAN computer network & data systems

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(logo) Greystone Systems, Inc., Telephones, Security, Burglar Alarms, LAN WAN Networks - Location:  Hillsboro, Ohio, Highland County, Southern Ohio

Telephone Systems - Security Systems - Computer  Networks

Reviewed:  5-1-2017

(logo) Greystone Systems, Inc., Telephones, Security, Burglar Alarms, LAN WAN Networks - Location:  Hillsboro, Ohio, Highland County, Southern Ohio

Greystone Systems, Inc.


Industrial - Commercial - Institutional - Governmental - Residential

Hillsboro, Ohio; Highland County (Southern Ohio)

 Professionals Serving Southern Ohio Since 1980

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